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☆‥━ - WE ARE UHLJJANG【얼짱。】    ★☆★‥━━━━━ ヽ(^▽^ ノ )
단지,얼짱! ❤彡⌒(・。・;)

Hello and Welcome to uhljjang_only. The only active uhljjang community on lj. This community was made for the purposes of style / fashion based on the internet craze in Korea: Uhljjangs.  ❤❤❤

Okay, so here is a detailed follow-up on all the rules to everything in general.

G E N E R A L:
Don't harass each other okay?  That's un-needed bs.
Follow all the rules listed on the profile page, so I won't ban you.
All off-topic entries will be deleted, including all entries not set to "friends-only"

P O S T I N G:
First of all, Please make sure to introduce yourself!  Use the application on the profile page, and remember to make all posts friends only.  We don't want lurkers in this community!  Try to post as much as possible okay?
When you start posting make sure you don't post things irrelevant to fashion, self-improvement, etc.  We don't want to know about what you ate today.  That's what your personal journal is for.
You may post pictures of actual Korean Uhljjang (or Chinese & Japanese), but make sure that you tag your post. And don't forget to use cuts if you're posting alot of pictures.

T A G S:
All tags may be typed in either Katakana, Hiragana, Hanguel, Chinese, or English.
When you tag your general entries please make sure you tag them with your username or whatever name you'd like to go by in this community.
Make sure if you post pictures of Uhljjang you tag the entry with their name.
When you post scans, beauty tips make sure you tag it with the title!

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From: funkyplush Date: December 16th, 2008 09:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
helloo there!! ^___^

my name is fenna
i'm 18yrs old and im from the netherlands.
and ehm.. i reall like this style.
it's really cute and fashionable. very pretty.
and i saw farpop and it totally inspired me.
cause i like cute things alot.
ehm.. may i join this lj group? if it's okay =3

byeee.. love, fenna
1 comment or 지금 코멘트!